Thread Lift (Non Surgical)


Thread lift is one of the most common minimally invasive procedure for facial aesthetics. It helps to create a well-defined jawline, lifting up tissues and thereby creating a slimmed look. Thread lift is a lunch time procedure that means u can get it done and go back to your work very soon. There is a slight pulling effect which is perceived by patients as a pull or pain but settles quickly in a few days’ time. There are variety of threads available in the market made up of PDO, but the latest threads which have come are made up of PLLA with Caprolactone, which not only increases strength but also the longevity of the threads. Threads also are free floating or double needle ones, but if u looking for natural anatomic results, double needle threads are the best with maximum shelf life. Thread lift can be used for Eyebrow lifting/ Contouring, facial rejuvenation/ reshaping, Jawline definition, Double Chin correction, Neck contouring/ rejuvenation.

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