Otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery is a procedure to change the shape, position or size of the ears. One might consider otoplasty if one is bothered by how far the ears stick out from head (Prominent ear or Bat ear). Other indications include in case of an injury to the ear or birth defect (microtia).

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FAQ’S on Ear Surgery

What do we mean by prominent or Bat Ear deformity?

Prominent Ear also known as Bat Ear deformity is quite a common ear deformity. Basically, it gets the name due to the very prominence or protrusion of ear which can be one sided that is unilateral or both ears or bilateral. This is more of a cosmetic deformity as it gets noticed more as the child grows up. This does not affect the functioning of the ear in any form. This deformity can be corrected any time after 9-10 years as our ears attain almost 90 percent of their growth by that age.

Describe the Otoplasty procedure? Is it done under local or general anaesthesia?

Otoplasty meaning ear correction to attain as much symmetry as possible can be done under local or general anaesthesia depending on the age and choice of the client. Usually children till the age of 16 years we prefer general anaesthesia and above that age local. Even in adults we prefer to do the unilateral cases under local and bilateral under complete anaesthesia. In the procedure, the incision is placed behind the ear so it is not visible from the front and the cartilages are shaped using sutures into the desirable shape. Under local, Dr Sukhbir usually shows the result immediately before the ear dressing is done.

What happens immediately after the surgery? What are the post- surgery precautions?

Immediately following the procedure, an ear contour dressing is done which goes around your head. If it is done under local, u can go back home after the doctor prescribes u the medications immediately and if under general, u can go home after 4-6 hrs. A few important instructions have to be followed, first and foremost being not to sleep on the side of surgery. Other being to avoid any sort of trauma or any physical exercise for next 3 weeks till your wound heals and sutures are removed. After 6 weeks, u can do swimming, running, etc. but wrestling has to be avoided for at least 6 months or so otherwise chances of damage are high. The client can resume head bath in 5-7 days’ time.Sauna bath is restricted for 4-6 weeks following surgery. First review is usually done after 5 days or earlier if patient experiences more pain or any other issue.

When will my sutures be removed?

Normally skin sutures are removed after 10-14 days following surgery. Thereafter we normally remove all dressings and advise the client to follow instructions as above. Head band may or may not be required for night time if u can follow all the instructions properly since if the head band is too tight. it might cause damage to the ear.

Will I achieve a 100 percent symmetric result?

No two sides of the body are 100 percent symmetric. But we try to make the ears near perfect and Dr Sukhbir usually demonstrates both sides usually before doing the final dressings.

Are the results permanent or any deviation can occur?

Results are nearly permanent as the sutures reshape the ears over a period of time. In less than 5-7 percent of cases it has been seen as the cartilage retains its memory, sometimes the cartilage starts changing its position, but this is quite rare and can be easily corrected also later on.

Can I have my ears pierced after the operation?

If u wish to do ear piercing we suggest you to get it done before surgery or at least 3-4 weeks after the surgery as there are chances of infection or sutures cutting through the pierced ear. Once the wounds have healed, and sutures removed one can easily do the above procedure.

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