Injectable Fillers

Injectable Fillers

Injectable Fillers are minimally Invasive Procedures. Injectable dermal fillers can plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of recessed scars.

FAQ’S on Injectable Fillers

What are fillers/ Juvéderm fillers/ what are dermal fillers/Plastic surgery injection fillers/ Face filler injections/ Hyaluronic acid fillers/ Dermal filler injections?

Dermal fillers or fillers are Hyaluronic acid prefilled syringes which are used for facial shaping and contouring. When injected in a proper plane and at selected points it not only enhances the natural looks but also helps in facial contouring and correction of sagging skin. It not only helps in volumisation but also helps in redirecting the action of muscle fibres and anchoring the ligaments at specific points. It should be done only by experts so as to avoid any undue complication that might occur if self-injected or not by a trained injector.

How to inject dermal fillers yourself?

As an expert, Dr Sukhbir Singh never advises any patient to try and do self- injections as it may do more harm than any good. Fillers are gel based substances which can lead to very severe complications if tried self or by a non-trained fellow. So, it’s best to take an expert help and let the expert do the needful.

How to inject fillers/ how to inject fillers to face/ Where are dermal fillers injected/ how deep to inject dermal fillers/ how to inject dermal fillers/ how to inject dermal fillers in cheeks/ where to inject fillers in face/ cosmetic fillers/ Injectable fillers for facial shaping and contouring?

Dermal fillers are of different types based on density which in turn depends on which site needs to be injected and for what purpose. For example if the purpose is to lift the tissue or anchor the ligament, a heavy density filler is used by injecting on the periosteum. But if the intention is to correct tear trough deformity (under eyes defect), a much softer filler is used and injection plane and depths can also vary from subcutaneous to bone. Fillers are injected through either needle or cannula depending on the site and plane of injection, but Dr Sukhbir as an expert injects most of the points through cannula except those to be injected over the bone when he prefers needles. Ultimate aim is to create facial contour and to maintain the feminisation or masculinisation of that particular patient.

How deep to inject lip filler/ how to inject lip fillers/ where not to inject lip filler/ What is there in lip filler injection/ lip filler injection points?

Lip is a highly vascular area which needs to be injected slowly and carefully to prevent bruising or any other complication. Lips are injected in a submucosal plane and one has to be very careful not to go near the dry-wet junction of the lips to prevent any injury to the labial vessels thereby preventing any complication. Lip fillers contain softer gel made of hyaluronic acid as it a mobile tissue and softer material gives an aesthetic look and shape to the overall lip tissue. Lips again should be injected only by experts.

How to inject nose filler/ how to inject nose filler safely?

Nose is a high vascular zone. Nose is one area which should be avoided even by the best of the best as complications are very common in this area. If required the expert can inject through either cannula (preferred) or needle depending on the location of the nasal defect. Since there are vessels everywhere in the nose region it is imperative to be extra careful while injecting anywhere in nose.

Who can inject dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers should be injected only by expert injectors, mainly plastic surgeons and dermatologists trained in this field. Dermal fillers lead to natural aesthetic result but if not injected in a proper plane and without knowledge of proper anatomy complications can easily occur. So whenever u get injected make sure your physician is a trained injector.

How to cover bruises from filler injections?

Bruises are a common sequalae of filler injections but they can be avoided by proper injection techniques and use of cannula. If there is a probability of bruise, Dr Sukhbir Singh always prescribes arnica cream for local application for 5-7 days along with ice application. If patient is working or has a social commitment, after the basic skin care including moisturiser and sunscreen patients can easily apply make-up to hide the bruise after 24 hrs of the filler injections.

How to reduce swelling after filler injections?

Swelling is quite rare nowadays due to advanced injection techniques and good filler qualities available. Swelling is very common in few areas like lips, chin but goes off in a few days’ time. Even if swelling occurs, we have many options like ice application, arnica cream for local application to reduce the swelling significantly. Even if we do not treat the same, it shall subside on its own so nothing to worry about the same.

What to expect after filler injections?

Immediately after the filler injections, one can see immediate changes in the skin not only in its appearance but also the excellent facial contour which is achieved. These changes are more enhanced within 15 days. There is swelling in certain areas like lip, chin and bruising may occur at one or more sites. All these are normal sequalae and subside very soon.

Where do they inject tear trough filler/ Is one injection enough for both eyes fillers/ Filler injection for dark circles?

Tear trough injections typically target the under eye concave area which enhances due to volume loss and a visible depression is seen leading to enhancement of dark circles and appearance of tired eyes one of the most common complaint by patients. This is a very tricky area as it is near the vessels and the eye. Its best to use cannula in this area to improve tear trough deformity and to prevent bruising in this area which is very common in this area. Improvement in this area gives good aesthetic look to the entire face.

What is filler injection cost/ Filler injections under eye cost?

Filler injection cost depends on what all areas need to be injected and how much ml (syringes) to be used. It also depends on whether patient wants in one session or multiple sessions. Under eye area is never treated alone and always combined with cheek or midface area.

Brow filler injection?

Brow filler is required to lift the depressed brows which occur with age. Brow filler is done by using the Temple point first and then creating the lift. If more lift is required we can inject at 3 eyebrow points, though usually the tail one is enough. This gives an aesthetic look to the eyebrows especially in females where lateral arching is highly desirable.

Filler injections penis?

Injection into the penile area is an advanced technique to be done by experts only. It has to be injected in a superficial plane so as to avoid injury to any vessel. Injections are done with the help of cannula and no bolus injection is done anywhere to prevent formation of nodules or granuloma. As with all filler techniques, absolute sterility is required every time.

What are skin filler or skin hydration injections?

Skin hydration filler or skin fillers are basically hydration boosters (Juvéderm Volite) to improve skin quality. They are not fillers essentially, only hydration for the skin which contains hyaluronic acid gel of very low density so that no swelling occurs and only collagen metabolism is stimulated. It usually takes 2 weeks for the skin glow to start and last for 6-9 months.

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