Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

As we age, our skin appears dull with lack of lustre as the dead skin cells do not slough off as easily as when we are young. Light, medium and deep chemical peels are nonsurgical cosmetic procedures used to peel away the skin’s top layer to improve sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin. Improving the evenness of color and texture in the skin creates a youthful look and restores a healthy and radiant appearance.

When to Consider Chemical Peels

  • If one has wrinkles with sun-damaged skin.
  • If face has skin discolorations, blotchiness or brown spots.

Peels can be easily done without any anaesthesia. There are various peels available, some with a downtime and some without. Consult your doctor for the best peel which suites your face or body..

FAQ’S on Chemical Peel

What is a chemical peel/ what is a peel/ what is peeling/what is face peel/ what is skin peeling on face/what is chemical face peel/ what is chemical peel treatment/ what is skin peeling?

Chemical peel/skin peel/ face peel all mean the same since the process is the same. It means to apply professionally approved chemicals by professionals to treat various facial skin and other disorders on our body skin. The common correctable problems include hyperpigmentation/tan skin, antiaging spots, acne on face and body, pigmentation anywhere in body including underarms, vagina, etc. Chemical peeling is a process wherein skin is peeled in a controlled manner to achieve the desirable results. The latest peels including the Hollywood peel/Carbon peel do not cause any peeling but produce a desirable effect from deeper tissues so there is no downtime.

Which chemical peel is done for acne?

Acne is a very common problem affecting more than 30-40 % of the population. There are various options for acne treatment especially for Nodulo-pustular acne where Peels work best along with the medications which your doctor shall prescribe. There are various peels for acne most commonly being Salicylic peel, Black peel and Carbon peel. All work by slowly killing the bacteria creating the inflammation and enhancing the healing process. They have to be used by a professional and it’s your doctor who decides which peel to do Salicylic peel/ Black peel (organic peel)/ Carbon peel (carbon facial with Q switched laser). Black peel in addition to acne also helps in hyperpigmentation treatment, your doctor shall inform the pros and cons of all the peels. Carbon peel in addition to acne also helps in open pores treatment, improving your oily content of face and also in hyperpigmentation.

What are chemical peel side effects?

Chemical peel like any other treatment has its own side effects. This is the reason it has to be used by a professional in a clinical sitting. Do not start trying it at home on your own, there are after care creams which your doctor shall prescribe and follow all post treatment protocol strictly. Common side effects include redness, skin peeling, dryness, itching, your face may appear slightly darker initially before it comes back to a better improved face. So your doctor shall counsel u what peel is required as per your indication, discuss all the pros and cons including downtime after peel since some peels have minimal or no downtime and some have prolonged healing time.

What is chemical peel cost / chemical peel cost in India?

As there are various peels indicated for varied indications, cost will depend on what type of peel is suitable for your face or body part, your indication for the peel, how many sittings required, number of peel sessions required, what is the downtime of the peel, is it a superficial or deeper peel. All these issues shall be discussed by your doctor before starting the peeling session. Sometimes people require 1 or more peel combinations in same or different sessions, so all these affect cost implications. So before u start clear all your doubts with your doctor and then start the peeling session since post peel care is equally very important, so be prepared to follow all instructions to get the best results.

What is a glycolic peel/ glycolic acid peel?

Glycolic peel is one the oldest peel which comes in various concentrations, usually professionals use anywhere from 20-40 % depending upon what is required. Glycolic peel has lot of desirable effects like it helps to remove excess sebum and dead cells giving a fresher glowing skin, gives even texture to the skin, skin tone improves, fine lines are improved and also hyperpigmentation up to some extent. But glycolic peels multiple frequent sessions are required and results are quite short lived. Post care peel treatment has to be done as advised by your doctor.

What all happens in chemical peel before and after?

Chemical peel is a process which generates chemical reaction and heat during the process so it has to be done in a professional setting. Before the Peeling process thorough cleaning of the face is done including removal of make up or any creams previously applied by the patient. Then depending on the indication and location Peeling agent is applied to the face or body areas destined for treatment. One or two coats are applied depending on the clinical condition and sometimes layering is done or combination of peels is done depending upon your doctors planning based on your clinical condition. The peel is neutralised by a neutralising agent and then face is properly cleaned and then layering is done immediately with antibiotic creams, moisture and finally followed by sunscreen agents. Post Chemical Peel is explained by your doctor before u leave the clinic.

How does chemical peel help for acne scars?

Acne followed by Acne scarring is a very common and distressing problem affecting more than 30-40 % of the population. Acne scars are usually permanent to semi-permanent and quite difficult to treat depending upon the type of acne scars. There are various options for acne scars treatment especially Chemical Peels, Lasers, Micro-needling or a combination of techniques which your doctor shall explain and suggest u during the course of the treatment. In this section we shall talk only about chemical peel and how it helps in acne scars. It not only helps to soften the scars but also helps to promote collagen synthesis thereby promoting healing from deeper dermis. Usually chemical peels can be combined with lasers or micro needling to give more optimum results. Also chemical peel can help keep active acne in check.

What is TCA peel?

TCA peel full form is Trichloro Acetic Acid peel. It usually comes in many concentrations. As it a deeper penetrating peel causing frosting very fast it has to be used in professional clinical setting only. Your doctor shall explain u all details before starting this peel application. TCA is usually used as a spot peel or lower concentrations for full face various indications like fine lines, hyperpigmentation, melasma, Acne scars and sun damage. It helps in removing dead cells effectively. It can be used for body and hands also if indicated. But TCA being a powerful peel should be used strictly by your professional doctor only.

What is chemical peel at home?

After the patient undergoes peeling session in a clinical setting by a professional, we suggest some mild peeling or exfoliating agents at home. Once has to understand, this should be prescribed and used only as your doctor has advised. Do not rush to chemist shops or quacks for asking for exfoliating or peeling agents since concentrations may vary and you may end up destroying your skin more rather than improving it. Since along with peeling agents at home, one needs to follow a strict regime as suggested by your professional doctor.

What is salicylic acid peel

Salicylic peel or Sal peel as it is commonly called is used frequently for active acne patients. It is non-invasive, has a rapid onset action and kills the bacteria inside the active acne. Inflammation also is reduced, rapid frosting can be seen over the active inflammatory acne. This peel has to be neutralised immediately after frosting and then post peel care has to be applied.

what is yellow peel and its cost?

Yellow peel is a combination peel which contains various ingredients like retinoids, phytic acid, kojic acid and azelaic acid apart from others. It is a progressive peel and depends on layers being applied. We have to leave it for at least 12 hours followed by facial cleaning. Then post peel precautions have to be continued like moisturiser, sunscreen and no direct sun exposure for at least 4-5 days is mandatory. As it is a progressive peel it causes skin to peel with time and slowly and steadily new layer develops from deeper dermis to give a fresher look by 3 weeks or so. Now cost depends on how many sittings shall be required, how many layers have to be applied per sitting, all these things your doctor shall discuss with u in detail before the peeling process is started.

What is carbon peel/ carbon facial/ Hollywood peel?

Carbon peel or facial or Hollywood peel as it is commonly called since it has almost no downtime, recovery is immediate. The process involves thorough cleaning of the face followed by application of a charcoal-based peel. After the peel has dried, the peel is removed by a q switched carbon tip laser which immediately removes a thin layer of dead cells giving a refreshed look. Apart from that it helps in improving open pores, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, to give an overall party prepared look. As it has no downtime, one can apply moisturizer, sunscreen followed by make-up soon. Post peel instructions as prescribed by doctor have to be followed diligently.

Can we combine derma roller /micro needling and chemical peel?

Normally derma roller helps in not only opening up skin pores but also facilitates collagen synthesis. So if we need to combine Dermarolller/ Micro needling, we can easily combine the two techniques. In this first we need to do micro needling or derma roller first, this will help to open the skin pores and after that we can apply the chemical peel. This will not only facilitate greater peel penetration but enhance the overall result by improving collagen synthesis to a greater extent. It will help in correcting larger pores, acne scars and overall skin texture with firming of the skin up to certain extent.

Can chemical peels be used for large pores and acne scars?

Chemical peels as described above have been used for various indications which also include large pores and acne scars. There are various peels to be used in combination which can improve both the above problems. Like carbon peel will help to treat large pores and TCA will help in acne scars and sometimes we can combine Micro needling along with one or other peels to give the desired result of even texture of skin with minimal pores and less scarring. Sometimes lasers are also added in combination but all this your doctor plans and discusses with u beforehand starting the treatment so that most of your issues are taken care of. Obviously these require multiple sessions at varied intervals.

Can I wash my face after chemical peel?

Chemical peels are of various types some superficial and some deep. Mostly after chemical peels patients are advised not to use any face wash for 48 hrs at least. They can gently clean their face by splashing mildly with no soap or no face wash and gently dab your face after that. It has to be immediately followed by moisturiser and sunscreen to give immediate protection.

how many sittings required for chemical peeling?

Chemical peels as described above is a progressive phenomenon hence requires multiple sessions. Now the number of sessions depend on the type of indication, whether single or combination peel required and what is the expected end result. All these things shall be discussed in detail by your doctor before the treatments are started and every session your doctor may choose to add one or more combination like laser or Micro needling depending on the body’s response.

Do we have an under eye chemical peel?

Under eye is a very tricky area as skin is very thin in this area and one has to be very gentle in this area and cannot use deeper or very strong peel. We have highly specific peels suited for the Periorbital/ Eye regions which do not cause any peeling, hardly any downtime with such peels and gives a great result over period of time. Obviously we require multiple sessions , to be repeated not before 3 weeks. This is a tricky area and make sure your professional doctor does it himself or someone trained to do under his supervision.

Can chemical peels make skin worse?

Chemical peels can make skin worse only if you do not follow the post peel instructions judiciously. Otherwise chances of skin getting worse is quite rare. If peeling is important, then post peeling care is even more important. Utmost priority to be given to prevention of direct sunlight exposure apart from proper usage of moisturiser to prevent excessive dryness and sun protection being the cornerstone of your treatment. If any doubt ask your doctor immediately so that u do not try your home remedies and make your skin more worse.

Will a chemical peel remove beauty marks?

Chemical peels can help to remove beauty spots up to a great extent. Again it depends on how deep is the mark, how many sessions your doctor is planning and what type of peel is intended like a spot peel or a deeper peel or may be a superficial peel helps. Best is not to try any home remedies and consult your doctor for the best results and how to prevent further skin damage.

Can I get a chemical peel on my back?

Chemical peel on the back is routinely done for various indications and its quite effective. Most commonly done for body acne, pigmentation and associated problems. Again depending on what type of Acne, Acne scars, how deep is the pigmentation, number of sessions and type of peel is planned. As back is a thicker skin area sessions tend to be slightly longer and frequent in number too. Your doctor is the best to let u know how many sessions and what intervals will be required and if any combinations are required. Back treatment gives great results when properly executed. Also primary problems like dandruff or hormonal issues have to be evaluated and treated simultaneously for best results.

Does chemical peel remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur once the elastin tissue of the skin is destroyed usually secondary to heavy exercises, post pregnancy and other disorders. Obviously the destroyed elastin can never be restored to its normal level. So chemical peels help to just soften the marks and decrease the redness/erythema associated with them. Peels also help in collagen regeneration thus making the marks lighter. Your doctor shall explain u all details and suggest associated treatments also.

what to put on face after chemical peel/ what are post chemical peel precautions?

Post Peel precautions are equally and of utmost importance to get the best results out of the peeling process. Post peeling most important components are adequate moisturizing your face at frequent intervals since peeling process leads to dryness of the skin. It’s important not to use any hard face wash or soap immediately after peeling for at least 24-48 hrs or as suggested by your doctor. Secondly it is very important to prevent direct skin exposure for days as recommended by your doctor depending on the type of peel used. Still sunscreen protection is most important and adequate amount should be applied whether indoors or outdoors since radiation damage is very common as skin becomes slightly more sensitive. Also, sunscreen has to be repeated every 3-4 hours to give the best protection and it’s good to use spf 30-50 serves best for Indian skin. Other post peel creams to be used as suggested by your doctor to give u the best glowing skin and results in longer run.

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