Chemical Peel

Chemical Peel

As we age, our skin appears dull with lack of lustre as the dead skin cells do not slough off as easily as when we are young. Light, medium and deep chemical peels are nonsurgical cosmetic procedures used to peel away the skin’s top layer to improve sun-damaged, unevenly pigmented and wrinkled skin. Improving the evenness of color and texture in the skin creates a youthful look and restores a healthy and radiant appearance.

When to Consider Chemical Peels

  • If one has wrinkles with sun-damaged skin.
  • If face has skin discolorations, blotchiness or brown spots.

Peels can be easily done without any anaesthesia. There are various peels available, some with a downtime and some without. Consult your doctor for the best peel which suites your face or body..

FAQ’S on Chemical Peel

Define Chemical / Skin peels?What are its indications?

Chemical peels are used by experts in a controlled way to promote peeling of the unwanted damaged skin part and in turn get u a younger and improved appearance.A variety of chemicals can be used as peeling agents and include glycolic, trichloroacetic (TCA), salicylic, resorcinol, etc. Your treating doctor shall tell u after evaluating your skin which peel shall suit u the best since different peels have different depths of penetration and varied degrees of changes to the skin. They are used for various purposes including photo-aging (from sun damage) which is one of the most common indication, wrinkles, scarring and discoloration (including melasma, freckles, etc.)

How do I decide which peel is suitable for me and how often I have to come for peeling sessions?

Dr Sukhbir during the initial consultation shall discuss the various peeling options and what shall suit your face the best. Accordingly, you can decide about the concerned procedure. All the skin treatments including peeling are never one time sessions, they usually require multiple sessions spread over couple of weeks to months to give u a desired look. Depending on the type of peel u might have to come back in 2 weeks’ time or sometimes even one month if we are using advanced peels. All these issues shall be discussed by your doctor during the initial consultation.

Describe the chemical peeling procedure?

Before we start the peeling session, you are made to sign a consent form. Thereafter, your entire skin shall be cleaned with a degreasing lotion. After that your doctor shall apply the peeling agent and the neutralising agent if required depending on the type of peel. Normally the process takes few min to half an hour max and u can return to your home immediately.

What will I feel during the peeling session and how will my skin be after the procedure?

During the peeling session, u might feel some burning or tingling sensation which if tolerable is fine enough but if anything, too much is felt inform your doctor immediately. Normally depending on the skin type and the type of peel used, the peeling process starts immediately or after 24 hours and can continue from few hours to few days as with advanced peels. Your skin may be red during the peeling process and u may feel dryness or itching during the process. Please follow the post peeling instructions as shall be told by Dr Sukhbir to prevent most of the above problems up to some extent.

What are the post peeling instructions I need to follow?

Most important is sun protection, more the better. Sunscreens, as advised have to be applied at least 3 times a day even if your indoors. Along with that we recommend a mild cleansing and moisturising agent and night creams. Whenever you have to go out for work don’t forget black umbrella and black goggles preferably covering almost half of the face. Usually post peeling we recommend not to travel out more often unless u are working or some urgent engagements.

What are the risks of chemical peels?

As various peels have different penetration ability, they cause varying degrees of effects on the skin. Superficial peels are quite safe, although minor irritation of the skin can occur. The risk of deep peels can include infection, scarring, redness, and discoloration. Dr Sukhbir shall discuss all these things in detail during the initial consultation.

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