Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation

A natural dimple is formed when there is defect in the cheek musculature usually the buccinator muscle. This procedure can be done easily under local anesthesia and usually involves making a small cut inside the cheek mucosa and no cut on the skin. Initially after surgery the dimple is usually permanent but in few days to weeks it becomes a dynamic one, that is comes during animation only.

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FAQ’S on Dimple Creation

What is dimple creation surgery?

Dimple creation surgery means to create a dimple, which is nothing but a defect in the cheek musculature by placing a small incision from inside of the cheek. Thereafter, an absorbable suture is placed from the undersurface of skin where dimple is desired and tied to the cheek mucosa, which creates the dimple. It is done painlessly under local anesthesia and recovery is almost immediate and patient walks back home immediately after the procedure.

Why do dimples occur?

Dimples occur due to a natural defect in the cheek musculature. Usually it is inherited and it can be either on both sides of the cheek or sometimes on one side only. Dimples usually appear during animation. Usually people seek dimple creation since it looks natural and pleasing to the eyes. Dimples are naturally seen over the cheeks and the chin area.

What is dimple creation./ what is dimple creation surgery./ what is cheek dimple creation./ what is dimple surgery/ what is dimpleplasty/ what are surgical dimples./ what are artificial dimples?

Dimple creation surgery aims to replicate the natural process of dimple formation. It is a day care procedure easily done under local anaesthesia and patient can immediately walk back home without any dressing or visible stitches. Dimple creation starts with marking the location of the desired dimple one or both sides as desired by the patient in sitting position. Photographs are taken pre procedure. Dimple creation is done by making small incision inside the buccal mucosa while safeguarding the parotid duct opening opposite the upper second molar tooth. After the incision is made, small dissection through the muscle and the under surface of the skin is reached. Thereafter few internal stitches are taken which helps to create a natural dimple.

How much does dimple creation surgery cost/ what is cost of dimple creation surgery

Dimple creation surgery is quite a common surgical procedure performed under local anaesthesia. The cost depends on various factors like whether patient wants one side or both sides, it a first time or repeat dimple surgery (failed first time surgery) and whether patient wants on cheeks only or chin also. All these things will be discussed by your doctor in detail before the surgery is planned.

Is dimple creation permanent/ is dimple creation surgery permanent?

When dimple is initially formed by surgery, it is a static dimple that means it remains even without animation and does not look so natural as there is lot of swelling around the operated side which slowly goes off within 7-10 days , maximum 15 days. Within 2-3 months as tissue internal healing and fibrosis occurs, a natural dimple appears that mean dimple is seen during animation. Normally this process remains as such and the dimple stays almost permanent. But sometimes due to inappropriate healing most commonly due to dental infections or some unknown causes a very nice dimple sometimes disappears after 2-3 years. In such situations just contact your doctor and the process can be easily repeated.

What is chin dimple./ what is chin dimple creation/ what is Mentoplasty?

Chin dimple is usually formed due to a natural defect resulting from non-fusion of the lower jaw in the midline. It is generally inherited in families and passes on the same way. So if someone wants to create chin dimples it can be done and if someone wants to remove existing chin dimples it can be surgically done.

Chin dimple creation or mentoplasty is a day care procedure and can be done by removing soft tissue in midline just beneath your skin in midline and sometimes even shaving a portion of the bone. This will be done by your doctor who has explained u all the procedure in detail beforehand. Again in this procedure surgery is performed intra-orally, so there are no visible stitches or cut marks outside.

How to remove chin dimple?

Chin dimple is usually inherited. Some people don’t like it and wish to get it removed. This can be easily removed by a surgical procedure called Chin Implants. Through a small incision, an adequate size chin implant is placed which covers the entire area giving a uniform shape to the lower jaw and eliminating the chin dimple. It’s a day care procedure and patient goes home the same day.

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