Dimple Creation

Dimple Creation

A natural dimple is formed when there is defect in the cheek musculature usually the buccinator muscle. This procedure can be done easily under local anesthesia and usually involves making a small cut inside the cheek mucosa and no cut on the skin. Initially after surgery the dimple is usually permanent but in few days to weeks it becomes a dynamic one, that is comes during animation only.

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FAQ’S on Dimple Creation

What is dimple creation surgery?

Dimple creation surgery means to create a dimple, which is nothing but a defect in the cheek musculature by placing a small incision from inside of the cheek. Thereafter, an absorbable suture is placed from the undersurface of skin where dimple is desired and tied to the cheek mucosa, which creates the dimple. It is done painlessly under local anesthesia and recovery is almost immediate and patient walks back home immediately after the procedure.

Are the results of dimple creation surgery permanent?

The results of the dimple creation procedure are almost permanent unless some infection occurs causing the suture to give way till complete healing process has finished.

What is the recovery time? Can one return to work soon or it takes long time?

Immediately after surgery there is some swelling, which gradually fades away in few days. We recommend the clients to return to their routine work within a day or so; the swelling diminishes with time so not to worry about that.

Is the dimple created dynamic or static? How much times it takes for the dimple to become dynamic?

Soon after surgery the dimple created shall be static, it means that it will be present even when the client is not smiling. Slowly as few weeks to months pass by, the dimples created tend to flatten out and become dynamic, it means that it will be evident only when the patient smiles.

Any special precautions to be taken before and after surgery?

Usually the precautions are the same as for any surgery that is to avoid any anticoagulants, aspirin, NSAIDS or fish oil at least 7-10 days before surgery so that the chances of bruising decrease significantly. After surgery, patient is advised not to take too hot liquids and to take soft diet for 3-4 days following surgery. Painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications are prescribed to decrease mild discomfort and swelling after surgery. Otherwise patient can do his normal routine work and be back in office the very next day too. We also recommend icing of the area is patient has some discomfort because of swelling or bruising.

What are the complications associated with dimple creation surgery?

Swelling, bruising, mild discomfort, dimple may be too shallow or deep, temporary signs of infection which can be easily resolved with antibiotics, very rarely dimple may disappear due to premature looseness and breakage of the stitch causing non-adherence of the scar. This can be reversed too with surgery within few days.

Can one choose where to place the dimple?

Yes during the consultation before surgery one can discuss all the options and location of the dimple where u choose to be. U can also choose to have one dimple or both sides too.

What is the cost of the dimple creation surgery?

The cost depends on whether one wants dimple just one side or both sides. The cost shall be an all-inclusive package with no hidden costs like consumables or ot charges, etc.

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