Lip Augmentation Surgery in Delhi

Lip surgery in delhi

Ageing is an unavoidable process and the first signs are visible right on the face through wrinkles, shadows, dullness, skin thinning, and more. These visible features of ageing and stress bring about a negative trail of thoughts and loss of peace of mind. Therefore, people have been looking for solutions and treatments to change their aesthetics and bring positive results back. One of the main areas that show signs of ageing is the lips. Hence, opting for Lip surgery in Delhi may help you augment your looks.

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip Augmentation is a procedure that uses precision techniques and alters the proportion and symmetry of the lips to give it a more appealing finish. Some concerns may be resolved through lip plastic surgery such as a gummy smile, thin upper lips, long lips, and lack of shape and definition. Repositioning the lip line, decreasing the distance between the upper lip line and the bottom nose line, reshaping a perfect cupid’s bow, and refilling the thinning lips are all part of the lip treatment in Delhi. This treatment leads to a youthful look and an alluring smile to add to your facial aesthetics.

How Much Lip Surgery Cost In Delhi

Several factors contribute when calculating the Lip surgery cost in Delhi. These factors include:

  • Treatment target
  • Type of surgery and treatment procedure
  • Intricacy of the case
  • Surgeon experience and level of performance
  • Surgery procedure care before, during, and after
  • Any customisations added

These are the factors that may be discussed and finalized after a thorough consultation with experts in lip enhancement surgery. On average, the non-surgical procedure might cost between INR 25,000 to INR 30,000. This type of surgery is usually for fillers within the augmentation procedure and the average cost of a surgical procedure might be around INR 35,000 to INR 40,000. This is not the final pricing but a basic calculation that may be altered based on the details of the surgery finalized.

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What Are the Different Types of Lip Augmentations?

There are many types of lip augmentation surgery in Delhi that may be either surgical or non-surgical. Non-surgical treatments of lip augmentation are mostly fillers including treatment for collagen, fat grafts, derma fat grafts, and varied injection fillers. Various types of procedures include:

Lip Lifting This surgery includes the extra skin removal above the top lips and around the corners.

Lip Surgical Implant This one is done through injecting implants at the various corners of the lips.

Lip Fillers They are applied through lip injections by health professionals. These fillers also help to increase volume in the lips, enhancing their shape and structure.

Fat Grafting This process adds substance to the lips by transferring another area’s body fat to the lips.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation Surgery

The lips reduction surgery in Delhi has various benefits:

1. Added self-confidence with improved looks.

2. Aesthetics improvement by overturning negative features into positive.

3. Quick, non-invasive procedure with no major changes.

4. Fast results visible immediately after the procedure.

5. Least bruising and no external marks left.

6. Long-lasting results make you look younger for longer.

7. Safe and effective treatment with professionals.

8. Painless with local anesthesia.

9. Reversible and gradual procedure with no sudden shifts.

10. Quick recovery with less aftercare.

Who Can Go For Lip Augmentation Surgery?

Ideal candidates eligible for lip reduction surgery in Delhi include:

  • Individuals desire fuller lips with better aesthetics.
  • Patients who have uneven lips or thinning issues.
  • Individuals who exhibit downturned lips and gummy smiles
  • Patients looking to reshape and add a perfect curve to the smile
  • Individuals experiencing ageing symptoms and extra skin

Experienced surgeons and health professionals of lip lift surgery in Delhi would evaluate the causes and requirements before suggesting the target areas and what to change.

Why Choose Resplendent Cosmetic for Lip Surgery in Delhi?

Highly qualified surgeons and health experts are available at Resplendent Cosmetics famous for the Lip enhancement surgery in Delhi. With cutting-edge treatments, technological advancements and relevant best-in-class equipment, quick and easy procedures are the trend. Every bit of experience gathered in the industry comes in utilization when a new patient enters the door of Resplendent Cosmetics for a consultation. This is where our team understands the issues, studies the problems, checks for eligibility, and suggests the best solution. With pocket-friendly possibilities, our clinic has ensured the best results for lip surgery in Delhi.

FAQ’S on Lip Augmentation

Lip enlargement means increase in size of lips with the help of surgical and or non-surgical methods. Lip augmentation is one of the most common procedures done universally. This is usually a day care procedure which is done quickly and healing is much faster due to good vascularity. Though there is swelling immediately after surgery, Lip heals faster and patient is back to work soon.

There are various lip enlargement options both surgical and non-surgical. Surgical options include use of autologous fat grafting or dermal fat graft, these give long term results but sometimes due to irregular fat absorption sometimes there is unequal effect. Non-surgical lip augmentation uses filler containing hyaluronic acid which gives immediate result which lasts for 12-15 months. This is a quick procedure taking 15 minutes and gives an aesthetic look and is one of the most wanted procedure in younger females.

Lip is a highly vascular tissue hence immediately after lip augmentation there is a visible swelling which is more after surgical and minimal after filler (non-surgical) injections. Slowly after 5-7 days the swelling decreases after surgical augmentation and 1-2 days after non-surgical augmentation. After 15 days patient is able to appreciate an excellent aesthetic look. It is very important that the curves especially the cupids bow and tubercles are well preserved and taken care during augmentation by whatever method we choose.

Lip augmentation cost depends on whether surgical or non-surgical approach shall be taken. the augmentation procedure and the average cost of a surgical procedure might be around INR 35,000 to INR 40,000.

Typically a surgical lip augmentation takes about 45 min-1 hour and a non- surgical lip augmentation takes about 15 minutes. It is not the time which is important, it is the end result to give an aesthetic natural pleasing result which matters the most.

Lip augmentation or cosmetic surgery is one of the most common aesthetic procedures in the world. This is due to the location and aesthetic looks which the lip enhancement procedure improves further. In fact lip enlargement with Juvéderm fillers has become one of the most common procedures done all over the world. So whether it is autologous fat grafting or fillers, lip cosmetic procedures are always in demand.

Lip augmentation with filler is the latest trend in the world. The Juvéderm range of fillers gives the softest and pleasing aesthetic look. It helps to contour all the parts of the lip well and the best part is that it is reversible. Fillers help to evert the lips well and the lips can be augmented as much desired by the patients to give a natural look.

Autologous lip augmentation refers to enhancement by use of autologous fat or dermal fat graft to enlarge the lips. This is an effective procedure but has limitations due to irregular fat absorption or sometimes formation of nodules or cysts which are sometimes difficult to extract. It is autologous since its taken from one’s own body.

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