Earlobe Repair Surgery

Earlobe Treatment

The Ear lobe is one of the most important structure in our Indian population especially in females due to the practise of wearing ear rings of different shapes and sizes.

Earlobe repair surgery is a surgical process of earlobe treatment that is done to repair the torn or stretched earlobe. This surgery is generally meant for people who have experienced some kind of trauma in the form of tearing from the use of heavy earnings or some kind of injury. Earlobe repair surgery is meant to enhance the appearance of the earlobes and regain its natural symmetry.

What is Earlobe?

Earlobe is the lower part of the ear that is very soft and fleshy in nature. Fundamentally, it is made up of fat and connective tissue, without any cartilage which makes it different from the rest of the ear. The earlobe holds a large blood supply with a high number of nerve endings. Essentially, it does not have a much role in hearing but it provides a stability to the outer ear that helps to maintain its overall position and shape.

What is the Cost of Earlobe Treatment

Several factors affect the cost of earlobe treatment in Delhi, including:

  • The earlobe treatment to be performed in a hospital or a clinic of your choice.
  • The quality of the earlobe repair surgery in Delhi is affected by the capabilities and experience of the surgeon performing it.
  • The availability of the most updated equipment and instruments.
  • The extent of your injury
  • Type of procedure will be conducted by you.
  • Type of sutures used

However, the total cost of ear hole (earlobe) repair can range from INR 9,000 for one side and INR 18,000 for both sides.

What are the Causes of Earlobe stretched

There are many causes of stretched earlobes, as mentioned below.

Weight of the Earrings: One of the most common causes of stretched earlobe is the weight of earrings. Earrings that are heavy in weight tend to pull down the earlobe that result in its stretch over time. It is more likely to happen if you pierced your earlobes in a lower part where they are more flexible and soft.

Genetic Makeup: If you are looking for stretched ear hole repair in Delhi, you must think of your habits that resulted in this. Well, it is not always the results of habits as some people are born with elastic or thin in their earlobes because of genetic reasons.

Ageing: While looking at the common reasons for stretched earlobes, the ageing factor can’t be ignored. As we age, skin tends to loose its elasticity, because of the elastin production and collagen that can lead to natural stretching of earlobes over time.

Smoking: Although there is no direct connection between smoking and earlobe stretching, it can indirectly result in stretched earlobes. Smoking tends to weaken the skin and tissues of the body that also include earlobes that can potentially make it subject to stretching.

Trauma: People who are looking for plastic surgery earlobe repair in Delhi, it is important for them to know that it can be due to various factors and trauma is one of them. Trauma can be in the form of heavy earrings, accidental tearing, injury or improper piecing techniques.

Benefits of Earlobe Repair Surgery in Delhi

There are many benefits that you can experience with earlobe reconstruction surgery that includes:

Regaining original appearance: Surgery can help you in efficiently regaining the natural shape and size that will effortlessly enhance the overall appearance of the ear.

Symmetry: Repairing the asymmetrical earlobes can help you to get your overall face in symmetry.

Comfort: In the situation where you face different issues like difficulty in wearing headphones or sunglasses, it can help you in resolving those problems.

Wear Earrings: For people who love to wear earrings as part of the day-to-day lifestyle, they can benefit from the surgery as they can once again wear their favourite earrings with comfort.

How To Prevent Ear Holes From Enlarging?

People who are experiencing the stretching of their ear holes with time must be wondering about the ways of preventing ear holes from enlarging and to avoid plastic surgery earlobe repair.

Avoid Heavy Earrings: Heavy earring when used for a long period of time can put a lot of strain on earlobes that leads to gradual stretching. It is important to avoid using earrings that are heavy in weight.

Using Appropriate Jewellery: If you love to wear earrings, instead of choosing a heavy weight one, go for low in weight earrings.

Limit the Duration: It is very crucial to break your ears from the pressure of earrings, if you can feel the strain on ears.

Be Gentle with Ears: There is nothing more important than being gentle with your ears. Avoid pulling it and be very gentle while you remove your earrings, as sudden movement can result in stretching of it.

What Are The Earlobe Repair Procedure

First you need to consult with your doctor to know the exact condition of your earlobe and you doctor all the steps, procedure and other important information like earlobe repair surgery cost, etc. Once you get the treatment of your earlobes, there is nothing more crucial than following the post-surgery care measures to ensure that your condition continues to get better. After the earlobe repair procedure, you will get a set of instructions from your doctor that you need to follow regularly to continue the healing process.

Why Choose Resplendent Cosmetic for Earlobe Repair Surgery?

Choosing Resplendent Cosmetic as your plastic surgeon for earlobe repair has many benefits that you will experience itself like,

Expertise: We have a team of highly skilled surgeons that have extensive experience of working in the field with various types of successful surgeries including earlobe repair.

Personalised care: We understand that each pateints has different needs. We take care of our patients as per their preferences and take care of them in their whole healing process.

Advanced Technology: We don’t compromise on making use of modern tools and techniques to ensure that each patient gets treatment of the highest quality possible.

Comprehensive Services: Along with earlobe surgery, we also offer other cosmetic treatments.

FAQ’S on Earlobe Repair

The most common indications are split earlobes and enlarged piercing holes either due to trauma or due to prolonged use of heavy earrings or just aging.

When u come for the procedure we recommend that u should have had a light meal before the same. We give a test dose of the local anaesthesia and once any reactions are ruled out we numb the area to be operated after cleaning with betadine. Thereafter sterile draping’s are done and entire procedure is done under LA and takes about 30-45 minutes for each side to be completed. Each side is stitched in 2 layers and we put very fine monofilament sutures which need to be removed in 7-10 days’ time. A tiny dressing is done and u can go to your office or outside immediately after the same. It is a safe and effective procedure.

Yes, we have a nonsurgical option too of using tissue glue which sticks the 2 split parts but we don’t advise for the same as it has very high recurrence rate to the tune of 50-70 percent.

We advise the clients to get Ear re-piercing done only after 3-4 weeks of the procedure so that the skin gains some strength in the meantime as there is no cartilage support in the ear lobe region.

U will be advised some antibiotics and pain killers when u leave the clinic. That will speed up the recovery and prevent u from having any discomfort. U are advised not to do any heavy exercises over the next few days about 7-10 days till your stitches are out. U can start taking bath within 48 hours of the procedure without too much rubbing of the area. If u are a smoker, please stop it till the sutures are removed and the scar heals well.

Every procedure carries some type of risk. However, earlobe repairs are a very safe operation. The most common complications include issues related to healing such as poor scar, infection though rare, hypertrophic scar or keloid in those individuals who have a tendency for the same.

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