6 Pack Abs

This procedure involves suctioning of fat right beneath the skin and sucking out the fat around the abdominal muscular structure and then sculpting abs along their natural contours. It's an invasive procedure that takes about one to two hours on the operating table with "final" results seen anywhere from 3 - 6 months post-op.

Six Pack Plastic Surgery

FAQ’S on 6-pack abs/ Abdominal Etching

Who is an ideal candidate for six-pack abs procedure?

A young client with good skin elasticity, an ideal body weight and in good general health is an ideal candidate. Before this surgery, a thorough physical examination and review of medical and surgical history is done. The client is advised to exercise regularly and not to gain or loose weight suddenly. If one is overweight, the client is encouraged to lose weight.If one has excess loose hanging skin with poor elasticity, it may be better to have a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty first and then four to six months after the tummy tuck, you can return for six-pack abs surgery.

What are the contraindications to undergo this procedure?

The contraindications are: 1) Excess loose hanging skin: - it is better to excise the excess hanging skin, follow a good diet and exercise regime and then try for the procedure 4-6 months after the same. 2) Abdominal Hernia: -Correct the hernia first and then plan the surgery later. 3) Lap-band: - Unwise to perform the six-pack abs surgery.

There are other general contraindications to surgery including a history of heart attacks, blood clots, or any other significant medical condition. If you smoke, you must stop smoking 6-8 weeks before surgery.

What happens in the post surgery recovery phase?

After the surgery, analgesics and antibiotics are given. Immediately, after the six-pack abdominal surgery, compression garment or pressure garment is applied which helps to minimize swelling or edema. Some amount of fluid drains out post surgery, which is perfectly normal, and one can change the dressings and pressure garments subsequently.

What are the essential steps of the six-pack abs procedure?

Usually, the six-pack abdominal procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Multiple small incisions are placed on the abdominal wall. Tumescent fluid is injected following which the liposuction cannula is inserted and the abdominal wall fat is suctioned out. Further liposuction is used to sculpt the rectus muscles and their transverse insertions. This leads to a sculpted six-pack abdomen. Usually, the port sites are not sutured and are left open so further fluid can drain. This minimizes the chances of fluid (seroma) or blood (hematoma) collection. Pads and compressive garment are placed immediately after surgery.

What type of anesthesia is used for the six-pack abdominal procedure?

Typically, general anesthesia is used for the six-pack abdominal procedure. With general anesthesia, better abdominal contouring can be achieved.

How long does the six-pack abs procedure take?

Typically, the six-pack abdominal procedure takes 2 to 3 hours. The amount of time required for surgery depends on the amount of fat that needs to be removed.

Where are the incisions placed for the six-pack procedure?

Usually, there are five-six incisions placed on the abdominal wall for this procedure. One incision is placed in the belly button. Two other incisions are placed below the belt line. Two more incisions are placed in the midline between the sternum and the belly button. These two incisions allow for the creation of the horizontal, transverse abdominal insertions.

When can I return to work after six-pack abs surgery?When can I resume exercises and gym?

Normal routine deskwork can be resumed within 5-7 days of surgery. Normal walk can be resumed within 10-12 days but heavy exercises, gym; swimming can be resumed only after 6-8 weeks of surgery.We advise avoiding sit-ups for six months.

Why is compression garment required after the six-pack abs procedure?

After the procedure, compression garment is important to minimize bleeding, swelling, seroma occurrence and decrease the healing time. If you do not wear your compression garment, swelling may persist for much longer.

When are the final results seen after six-pack abs surgery?

Usually, after six-pack abs surgery, the final results take six to eight months to develop.

How can the scar marks be minimized after surgery?

Liposuction scars are relatively small. But still we recommend our clients silicone cream and compression garments, which are beneficial.

How long do my six-pack abdominal results last?

During the six-pack abs surgery, fat cells are permanently removed, therefore, the results should last a lifetime. But in case you gain weight, your results will be less defined. We therefore recommend all our clients to be on regular exercise and diet regime so as not to gain excess weight which help in maintaining long term good results.

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