Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedure

Vaginal rejuvenation is essentially a facelift for the vulva and vagina. It often combines a vaginoplasty, labiaplasty (labia reduction) with or without vaginal enhancement using fat transfer to improve its outer appearance for a refreshed look and feel.

FAQ’S on Vaginoplasty

What is vaginoplasty surgery? Is it done under local or General Anesthesia?

Vaginoplasty surgery involves tightening of the vaginal tissues which become lax and loose after multiple child birth and or sexual intercourse. Normally a virgin vaginal tissue is taut and tight, but as one ages and after child birth the tissues start becoming lax. This procedure is done under LA and its almost painless. Patient is placed in the lithotomy position and after numbing the local tissues the procedure is done. The individual own tissues and muscles are used to give the tightening effect and is completely safe and immediate sense of tightness is felt.

What are the preoperative tests or precautions to be taken before surgery?

Normally we avoid doing the procedure immediately before or after the menses, a gap of 2 weeks is preferred either way. Routine tests are done as before any surgery and a detailed history is taken and vaginal area examined to rule out any infections or white discharge before the surgery. If there are any signs of infection or white discharge preoperative antibiotics are prescribed and a wait of one week is recommended before the procedure. Any specific issues are discussed in detail with Dr. Sukhbir Singh during the consultation and other ancillary procedures like hymenoplasty or labiaplasty are discussed which can be combined during the same procedure.The client is encouraged to have light meals before the procedure and to shave any hairs in the pubic region to keep infections under control.

Describe what happens on the day of surgery when the client comes?

On the day of surgery as soon as the client arrives, an informed consent form is given which the client reads and signs before the surgery. After the necessary formalities are done, the client goes to the OT suite and the procedure is started after explaining her step by step including the positioning on table. Normally the procedure takes about 30-45 minutes for the completion. A small dressing is applied and patient is made to relax for half an hour or so and then sent home with the requisite medications.

Is the procedure very painful? Are there any side effects or complications of the procedure?

Well there is hardly any pain during the procedure and recovery is also immediate. This is a very safe procedure with hardly any side effects. The main feeling which patient experiences is a slight discomfort or pain, that is actually due to the tightening of tissues and muscles which gives a tighter virgin feeling.

When can the client take bath after the procedure?

We recommend the client to take bath the very next day and keep the vaginal area clean and mop it dry. No rubbing or manipulation of the area is allowed for 4 weeks.

What are the postoperative precautions or instructions to be followed?

The precautions or instructions mainly concern the vaginal area only. No heavy exercises like jogging, gyming, cycling, stretching or squatting allowed for 4-6 weeks. No sexual intercourse for 4-6 weeks and no hand manipulation or forceful rubbing of the area for the same duration.

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