Prp Therapy (Non Surgical)

Prp Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a platelet concentrate in a small plasma volume which contains proteins such as fibrin, fibronectin and vitronectin that are capable of enhancing cell adhesion and act like a matrix for the formation of bone, connective tissue and epithelium. Platelet concentration is the single most important factor, which can greatly influence the different biological effects of PRP.

In the Double Centrifugation protocol, the first spin separates the red blood cells from the plasma and three different layers can be differentiated. The second spin further separates the platelets from the plasma and two different layers are seen from which the PRP can be easily separated.

In contrast in the single centrifugation protocol, the PRP obtained shall be a mixture of both PRP and PPP (Platelet poor plasma) and hence have low platelet concentrations and hence varied results. In our clinic we use the double centrifugation protocol.

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FAQ’S on Prp (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy

What is PRP therapy/ PRP treatment/ platelet rich plasma injection/ PRP plasma/ plasma replacement therapy for hair?

PRP full form means platelet rich plasma therapy. It is an autologous treatment which contains several growth factors which improve existing hair roots leading to improvement in hair thinning, thickness of the follicle hence overall increase in the density. Since it is autologous there are no side effects. This treatment needs to be removed and usually requires 4 sessions at 1 month intervals with booster dose at 6 month intervals.

Does platelet rich plasma therapy work for hair loss?

YES, PRP does work well for hair loss. It works on the existing roots and never over the bald areas it means cannot grow hair over the completely bald areas which is a common myth. It is an adjunct to hair transplant and not a replacement for hair transplant.

Are there any after PRP hair treatment side effects?

As PRP is an autologous treatment, there are no side effects. It is highly effective in hair loss as it contains numerous growth factors. It is given with insulin syringe as multiple small injection points interspersed all throughout the scalp.

How long does it hurt after a PRP shot?

PRP is an autologous treatment and as PRP is 300 times heavier than blood, it leads to some heaviness and mild pain at injection site which disappears after 5-7 minutes of injection. PRP being in semiliquid form merges well in tissue and hence pain settles very fast. Though there is mild heaviness it settles in couple of hours.

Is PRP good for face, any side effects. How many sessions required/ Can PRP be combined with any other treatments/ What is Vampire face lift?

PRP as it contains numerous growth factors and is an autologous treatment, it leads to facial rejuvenation when done for the face. It can be combined with micro needling for an effective facial rejuvenation. Vampire face lift means injection of PRP in face leading to effective facial rejuvenation and a lifting effect by the plasma. It also improves the fine lines and helps in collagen production. It also helps in improvement of facial and acne scars when combined with treatments like laser and micro needling.

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