PRP Treatment in Delhi

PRP Treatment in Delhi

Many issues need treatments for a definite resolution. What treatments to consider is a question that comes up often. PRP treatment in Delhi is one such therapy that solves a lot of issues through self-infusion of platelets. This treatment uses cells of its own from a different place infused within the hairline for quick hair growth and rejuvenation of youthful looks. It is necessary to understand the benefits and details of the procedure for a successful PRP hair treatment.

What is PRP Treatment (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

PRP hair treatment or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy involves drawing blood from a location and injecting it into the skin tissues of the scalp. Platelets are blood cells that are used for blood clotting in case of injuries. The clotting is possible due to enzymes released for promoting healing in the tissues of the affected area. This is where stem cells are activated for quick healing. Transferring this blood to the scalp ensures that the same stem cells accept the infusion and begin a self-healing journey of the scalp towards a hair growth goal.

This is highly beneficial for improvement of tissue health and is guaranteed to be successful as the scalp tissues accept the injection due to self-type infusion. Apart from hair tissues, many ailments may be cured through this treatment. Many areas in the medical industry are adopting this PRP therapy in Delhi for ailment treatments, one of which is hair specialists and dermatologists.

What are the PRP Therapy Costs in Delhi

Many things contribute towards the calculation of the total PRP therapy cost in Delhi. This includes the medical history to study the precautions and medication balance needed and the treatment area that needs to be considered. When treating hair problems, the number of hair follicles involved in the treatment is also utilized and evaluated along with the extent of hair loss in the scalp. PRP cost in Delhi NCR varies from INR 7,000 to 8,000 as the base evaluation that may vary based on the factors included.

Benefits of PRP Hair Treatment

PRP hair treatment in Delhi is a non-invasive treatment methodology with innumerable benefits some of which are as below:

1. Natural hair growth: This treatment ensures that natural hair growth is more prominent and any underlying issues in the follicles are healed.

2. Strengthen hair roots: The treatment involves transfusion of platelet-rich plasma which has properties to strengthen the follicles and ensures that no hair thinning takes place.

3. Improves thickness: The treatment reduces the thinning of the hair while also adding to the thickness of the hair strands.

4. Safe procedure: Improving hair quality, growth, and looks while being safe is a must. This procedure has negligible side effects to make you second-guess your decision.

5. Rejection not an option: This kind of treatment requires plasma transfusion. However, having the same source and stem cell of plasma ensures there is no chance of rejection or incompatibility.

6. Volume improvement: With successive multiple sittings, the hair volume also increases while the colour is darker and shinier.

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What are the Procedures of PRP Therapy

There are three main stages in the procedure of PRP therapy in Delhi.

1. Blood Extraction

The first step is to extract blood from the patient. The amount of blood to be extracted depends on how much plasma is needed and how severe the hair fall problem is.

2. Sample Processing

The second step is to extract platelets from red and white blood cells through centrifugation. The platelets separated are then merged with plasma to result in platelet-rich plasma to be used for treatment.

3. Plasma Injection

The final step is to inject this platelet-rich plasma into the site of treatment. This is carried out in steps to achieve success in the entire targeted area of the scalp. The area is first numbed to avoid the feeling of injections.

Who is the Best Candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

There is a criterion for platelet-rich plasma therapy.

1. Patients who are still in their early stages of hair loss are eligible as the method works as a future precaution.

2. When the hair thinning starts to become noticeable, the effects of the therapy are visible and more beneficial.

3. If the individuals have active hair follicles that may help in hair growth but still do not allow hair growth, this situation can be made better and follicles can be recharged.

4. When the patients experience the weakening of regular hair growth, the follicles may be turned for the better.

Individuals facing such problems can rest assured as the therapy is the best PRP treatment in Delhi.

Why Choose Resplendent Cosmetic for PRP Therapy

PRP treatment is one of the most sought-after treatments for patients suffering from acute hair fall. They rely on experts from the health industry which one can prominently find at Resplendent Cosmetics. The clinic has the best and most attentive staff with the greatest hospitality skills to address your issues minor or major. With the best-advanced machinery and technology at hand, every surgical procedure and otherwise has become a breeze-through with the best results. Here, the best packages for PRP therapy in Delhi can help you make a quick decision. What you can also be assured of is the post-surgery care and after-care tips for long-lasting results.

FAQ’S on Prp (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy

PRP full form means platelet rich plasma therapy. It is an autologous treatment which contains several growth factors which improve existing hair roots leading to improvement in hair thinning, thickness of the follicle hence overall increase in the density. Since it is autologous there are no side effects. This treatment needs to be removed and usually requires 4 sessions at 1 month intervals with booster dose at 6 month intervals.

YES, PRP does work well for hair loss. It works on the existing roots and never over the bald areas it means cannot grow hair over the completely bald areas which is a common myth. It is an adjunct to hair transplant and not a replacement for hair transplant.

As PRP is an autologous treatment, there are no side effects. It is highly effective in hair loss as it contains numerous growth factors. It is given with insulin syringe as multiple small injection points interspersed all throughout the scalp.

PRP is an autologous treatment and as PRP is 300 times heavier than blood, it leads to some heaviness and mild pain at injection site which disappears after 5-7 minutes of injection. PRP being in semiliquid form merges well in tissue and hence pain settles very fast. Though there is mild heaviness it settles in couple of hours.

PRP as it contains numerous growth factors and is an autologous treatment, it leads to facial rejuvenation when done for the face. It can be combined with micro needling for an effective facial rejuvenation. Vampire face lift means injection of PRP in face leading to effective facial rejuvenation and a lifting effect by the plasma. It also improves the fine lines and helps in collagen production. It also helps in improvement of facial and acne scars when combined with treatments like laser and micro needling.

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