Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

FAQ’S on Laser Hair Reduction

What is Laser Hair Reduction/ Is laser hair reduction permanent/ Does one have to go for laser hair reduction lifelong?

Laser hair reduction is a process of reducing growth of body hairs by use of special lasers. These lasers work specifically on the hair roots (follicle) without causing any damage to surrounding skin. First and foremost the hair quality is assessed and any organic/hormonal cause if any should be ruled out or treated otherwise the results shall be suboptimal. The chances of burn in this process are rare unless one is too careless and uses very high energy. This process delays the growth cycle of hairs and also makes the thicker hair much more finer. These lasers do not work on white hairs.

Yes, laser hair reduction is lifelong since one needs to take maintenance sessions at 3-6 month intervals depending on growth which can be more due to hormonal issues like PCOD or Hypothyroidism which needs to be treated first.

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Laser Tattoo Removal

1. How does laser tattoo removal work

Laser tattoo removal is an effective technique to remove professional and non-professional tattoo. These lasers are highly specific and work only on the pigment of the tattoo without affecting the surrounding skin. These lasers are usually Q switched lasers which work best on the Black pigment. Other pigments like red, yellow and mixed it does not give so great results. Multiple sessions are usually required for the same for effective tattoo removal.

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2. How to remove permanent tattoo without laser

Tattoo can be removed without laser too using surgery. Small tattoos can be removed in single session leaving a scar. If it’s a big tattoo and patient wants entire removal in one go, we can do it by excising the tattoo and putting a skin graft over the same, though there is no colour match.

3. Can you donate blood after laser tattoo removal

Yes, one can donate blood after laser tattoo removal as the laser works specifically on the pigment without any change of the surrounding skin, so it is safe to donate blood once the redness and swelling heals typically 3-5 days after the laser process.

Laser For Pigmentation

1. Is laser treatment safe for pigmentation/ how does the pigment laser work.

Yes, laser treatment is absolutely safe for pigmentation and works very effectively for the same. The laser is Q switched laser which works directly on the pigment without affecting any surrounding tissues. Usually multiple sessions are required 4-6 or more depending upon the type of pigmentation. Also the hormonal issues need to be addressed which are the main cause for pigmentation in Indian patients like PCOD, Hypothyroid, etc. These need to be treated to effectively treat the pigmentation issues.

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How much does laser treatment for pigmentation cost in India?

The cost of any laser treatment depends on number of sessions required, depth of the problem, number of shots and what is the surface area or area of treatment required. Your doctor shall address and make you understand all the issues before the treatment is initiated. It’s always better to take a package since that turns out to be cheaper than individual sessions.

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