Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

Nose job (Rhinoplasty)

Rhino (latin for nose) and plasty (Greek for moulding or forming) is a medical procedure that reshapes the nose for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes referred to as a “nose job”. Rhinoplasty can reduce that size of nose or alter the shape of the tip for a more pleasing result. After surgery there is mild swelling which takes about 2-3 weeks to settle down, though it can take sometimes few weeks to subside.

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  • Nose Job Surgery 1
  • Nose Job Surgery 1
  • Nose Job Surgery 1
  • Nose Job Surgery 1
  • Nose Job Surgery 1
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FAQ’S on Rhinoplasty/ Nose job

What is nose job or rhinoplasty or nose reshaping?

Nose job basically means to shape or mold your nose using your own tissues. This is a 3 dimensional procedure with even few mm leading to significant changes.

What are the essential steps involved in the procedure?

It is usually a day care procedure with discharge on the same day. It is done under General anesthesia with a small incision at the base of the nose, which is hardly visible later, and after modification of the tissues, a plaster splint is applied at the end of the procedure, which is removed at 7 days.

Will I need to have any post-procedure touch-ups?

Since Rhinoplasty is a complicated procedure and the nose swells during the operation, there is a chance you may need to have some post-surgery touch- ups. About 15 percent of rhinoplasty operations require touch-up procedures.

How much is the recovery and swelling period?

The recovery is quite soon as the patient is discharged the same day. After the splint is removed at 7 days recovery speeds up even further and patient is back to normal routine work. Swelling remains for couple of weeks upto 3-4 months depending on the tissue response. But after 4-6 months nose comes into almost perfect shape.

What are the precautions to be taken post surgery?

The most important precaution and care is to avoid excess nasal blowing and to avoid any nasal manipulation including nasal trauma which might cause the graft to move or result in a deformity.

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